I’ll Trot For You

Copyright ©1998 Leslie Desmond
aka Eldee Marie (dba/Diamond Lu Productions)

Don’t grab those reins
Don’t whip my back
Keep your spurs to yourself
You’ll get more for that

To turn my head just look that way
I’ll trot for you the rest of the day
And I’ll still be going when the sun comes up
I’ll trot for you, so you can fill your cup

I’ll trot for you ’til your work is done
If you want more, just ask, I’ll run
I’ll swim the rivers, I’ll get us there, and
I’ll pull your wagon to the county fair

I’ll trot for you, you know by now
To the bear, to the moose, to the biggest cow
I’ll trot for you through snow and sleet
I’ll keep on going, you can save your feet
I’ll trot to the top of that hill right there
I’ll trot for you, just tell me where

Remember the day in the four up hitch
When the black mare just kicked and pitched?
I had the wheel and she was ahead
When you said “Whoa,” she went instead

She was hot and nervous and travelin’ tight
Those traces pinched and she started to fight
With the sun beating down and the bugs so bad
Still, she gave every bit she had

But she was mixed up so, with pain and fear
She could only think to run from here
Oh, surely, you’d cut her a better deal
And reach her worried heart through feel

I let her know every way I could
That the folks I’d met were all pretty good
But she’d jump away at the sight of a hand
With her head in the corner she’d go and stand

I wanted to show her a better way and
I stood with her while she ate her hay
We heard your voice and I looked around
Then she saw your saddle layin’ on the ground

When she broke a sweat it was plain to tell
That a man and a saddle meant living hell
She paced that fence all through the night
Come the feed wagon and the new day’s light
She was still real bothered, not feelin’ right

So I shared my hay, and I nuzzled her
She smelled of sage and wind and conifer
It would be a long day with her troubled so
Where she didn’t know how to free up and go

But I’ll trot for you, ’cuz you’re my best friend
I’ll trot for you ’til the long day’s end
And I’ll go right on ’til my feet give out
It won’t matter if I’m old and slow
I’ll trot for you, because I love you so

And that mare would too, if she just knew how
It’s not hard to tell that she’s searching now
She wants things right...it’s plain to see,
She’s got one last chance and that’d be me

When the world ain’t safe and the mind ain’t free
That’s a real bad place for a horse to be
It might work out and it just might not
But one thing’s sure, there’s a better spot

The folks she’d known, they weren’t long gone
And they’d given her whippin’s, just plenty strong
But they’d no idea that it wasn’t right
To put a good horse like her on the fight

But the horsey folks come, and soon they go
When they’re done packin’ kids to the fairs and horsey shows
They sure want us gentle, and they want us fit and clean
With thick manes, long tails, and minds serene

In no time at all, they’re grown and they go
The backyard horse gets old, you know
So the ads are placed and comes the check
New owner, halter, and what the heck

They don’t know a better way to do
Than the last folks who tried, and they quit too
They always tried to ride their best
They’d enter in shows like all the rest
To see who’s horse does this or that
And they’d want to win, of course, right off the bat

It takes all kinds but there’s some that’s born
For a horse, reata and saddle horn...
This ranch has seen one or two of these
And I thank God my work is between your knees

Now, if only the coal black mare could be
Right along side in your string with me
When she didn’t make the wagon, they gave her to Hank
And he, possessing neither skill nor rank
Was a town sorta fella and a real green dude
And I knew he’d handle her pretty crude
She held her breath and then closed her eyes
There was nothing to do but hope she’d try

I know she’ll make ’er, if she just gets a chance
To spend a little time with us here on the ranch
But where saddle horses come and go so often
They show up lame, half-starved and coughin’

And the boss, he’s busy, and no one here
Really knows a horse or has any idea
So it’s the pick of the draw, could be her or me
Fills a spot on the cattle truck leavin’ at three

If I have my way, she’ll trot for you
Right by my side, she’ll trot for you
Her feet will glide up hill and dale
Over rocks, through water, on hard-packed trail

Let her stretch her neck out, long and low
Let her drop her head for a look at the road
On an uphill climb when the flies are thick
You won’t need a spur, no quirt, no stick
With a rookie on board and the footing bad
She’ll dig right in and give it all to the lad

If I guess it right...
She’ll trot for you to the very last
She’ll trot for you to forget her past
That mare and me, we’ll trot for you, we’ll take you there
You can count on us just anywhere
We’ll trot for you and be glad to go
We’re here for you...because we know you know