Laptop Buckaroo

Copyright ©1998 Leslie Desmond
aka Eldee Marie (dba/Diamond Lu Productions)

It’s a strange and changing world
But the horse still thinks the same
And there’s still a cowboy’s job to do
Out on the open range

There’s a sick cow yonder and a fence to mend
He wonders if she’s near the end
Swing, pitch, dally and tie her fast
‘Cuz that next step could be her last
He knows she’ll make ’er, thinks he’s saved a few
He’s a genuine buckaroo
The cell phone rings in his medicine bag
The Dow has changed, his broker calls to say
Should I buy, sell, trade and how are you today?
It looks like rain and we need it bad
Feed’s about gone and we need more men
To see us through until we ship again
Said the hard workin’ buckaroo

The Pony Express is a thing long gone
Got my laptop, e-mail and dial tone
I reach my girl on the cellular phone
But the horse still thinks the same

There’s still a cook wagon and the cattle boss
There’s a bedroll, badger hole and spotted horse
I got calves to pull and prayers to say
If we get that rain then we won’t need hay
Said the long ridin’ buckaroo

It’s a changing world and the pace is fast
But slow is better when you’re working cattle
And the horse still thinks the same

But hang on, hello, on the second ring
It’s stocks and bonds and that blue chip thing
Check my C-drive, cinch knot and piggin’ string
Tin cup, coffee up and ride all day
A man still has to draw his pay
Said the laptop buckaroo

There’s rap songs, welfare and foreign cars
And small town action at the local bars
There’s scraps of rawhide on the bunkhouse floor
He’s got MTV on Channel 4
There’s a new breed of fella out on the range
But the horse he rides still thinks the same

He’s a hard-workin’, long-ridin’, genuine laptop buckaroo