October 4 - 7, 2018 - Jon Ensign Horsemanship Center


October 4 - 7, 2018

Leslie  Desmond   


Demo and Private Coaching Course

 for horse lovers who ride work work and pleasure.


Sponsored by John and Ada Ensign


Belgrade, MT

Thursday night Demonstration (limit 2)

5:00 PM  - 8:00 PM and dinner out to follow.


and 3-day clinic

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Private Coaching

(limit 4 riders / horses per day)

Daily Schedule 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Question and Answer Session for Spectators

Between Coaching Sessions.


Who benefits? 


If you have a buring desire to learn more about your

horse, and if you wish to learn how to apply the feel and release

approach that Bill Dorrance (1906-1999)

recommends in the book called


"True Horsemanship Through Feel" 


this event is going to make a huge difference in your future relationships with horses!!


(The book is now out of print, but some cases (16 paperbacks /case)

and individual copies  of deluxe edition books signed by

Bill Dorranceare still available.)


Trainers and riders will learn how to prepare a horse, of any breed or age

to have the balanced maneuvers and excellent manners it should have at liberty, on the lead & lunge line, and also under saddle. 


Other topics of interest will include:


Teaching the horse to stand still,


to be tied,


to offer the hooves politely,


to accept the bridle and saddle,


to change posture at the standstill and while moving,


to make snooth up and downward transitions in a straight line,


to make smooth upward and downward transitions on a circle,


to back up straight,


to back up to the left,


to back up to the right,


to turn left with the hips and forehand,


to turn right with the hips and forehand,


and. to understand how to use the widely misunderstood art of true collection to advantage.


What is collection?  Once could wonder.  Leslie will demonstrate and explain thi tserm and the way she develops it a young or older horse.


Why is so much importance assigned to this controversial posture and exercise?  Leslie will demonstrate and explain clearly, in detail, how to make best use of true collection that is understood by the horse.


She will show you how to recognize the posture that identifies it, and how to make best use of its various parts, aspects and potential for ultimate benefit and calrity to the horse about the timing, placement and speed of his feet --  on the ground, and under saddle.


No special equipment is required for this course.   



Do you have a real problem with your horse?

Does your horse have difficulty understanding you?

Is the horse you are considering for purchase

is the right one for you? 


 Before you list your horse for sale, or consider a new horse for

purchase consider asking Leslie to evaluate the horse's suitability 

for the things you want to do! 

During the weekend, students will be taught how to educate and manage a horse using feel & release to inspire the desired responses. 


Whether you come to watch or bring a horse to the demonstration or private coaching -- you will learn many useful ideas and techniques that clear the way for new and successful connections to enjoy with your horse when you get home!



Your receipt is your ticket. Please bring it with you!

Horse Lovers 16 and under are welcome to watch at no charge!



 Contact Jon and Ada Ensign

PO Box 1277 / Belgrade, MT 59714

Phone: 406-224-2540  or 406-570-9779  




The Demo and Private sessions are open to the public!

Visitors 16 years and under welcome at no charge.

Do you have a real problem with your horse?

Does he have difficulty understanding you? 

Consider bringing a horse like this to the Demo for Leslie to evaluate

and make recommendtions for you both, on a good way forward.

You will come to know how and where Leslie  stands and when she is around a horse, and how she behaves, to produce the feel-based decisions that horses easily make when she asks do something.

She explains and shows exactly how she gets the results she does and helps each student break the exercises down into clear, simple parts that assemble well into a pleasingand seamless maneuver.  Exciting to feel, fun to watch!

Participants and spectators will have a slew of new, effective skills to

bring home and experiment with on their horses after the first day!

(NOTE: Riders are not required to pay any additional spectator fees during the weekend. One owner of a demo horse is not rquired to pay a spectator fee Friday evening.) 

DEMO HORSE - Frday night (limit 2 horses for the evening):   $250

2 X with your horse- private coaching:   $600


3 X with your private coaching:   $900

Participants and spectators will learn useful techniques and ideas that will lead to some new and successful interactions with the next horse horse that crosses your path! 


These simple techniques are easy to learn and apply!

FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY  / October 5 -  7, 2018

9:00 – 10:30  Session 1


10:30 Coffee Break


 11:00 – 12:30   Session 2


 12:30 - 2:00  PM  LUNCH


 2:00 - 3:30   Session 3


Coffee Break


 16:00 - 5:30   Session 4

$40 DISCOUNT on 4-day ADULT spectator ticket 

Thursday night DEMO, Friday, Saturday & Sunday  $140

$30 DISCOUNT on 4-day YOUTH (Ages 17 - 21 yrs.)  

Thursday night DEMO, Friday, Saturday & Sunday   $90


Thursday night DEMO  /  Adult Spectator   $45


Thursday night DEMO  / Youth  (17 - 21 Yrs.)    $30 



FRIDAY  /  YOUTH  (17 - 21 yrs.) SPECTATOR  $30



SATURDAY  /  YOUTH  (17 - 21 yrs.) SPECTATOR  $30


" />

SUNDAY  / YOUTH  (17 - 21 yrs.)  $30

PLEASE help all of us this weekend:

There are plenty of dogs here at the ranch.

In advance, may we say "THANK YOU" to spectators

for making other arrangements for your dogs! 

 We look forward to having your company at the


This is a this special chance to learn more about how horses work


and what they really need us to know about them! 

Thank you,


John and Ada Ensign




Leslie Desmond




Feel welcome to bring your own provisions, if you prefer!

If need be, please feel welcome to contact Leslie directly:

EMAIL:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TEL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>">1-602-228-7612  (USA)  /  001-602-228-7612 (outside USA)





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