November 30 - December 2, 2018 / Anza, California



 Anza Lion's Minor Horse arena in Anza, CA  

Before  paying online for your course, please contact Michelle Robinson to find out if there is still space!!
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Arena fee is $800 for Fri-Sun (to be split between riders)  Rent a stall for your horse $15 per day.
Bring own food!
Lyon's club staff is available to serve hot dogs, chips, drink for $5.

Have you been wondering how to lighten up your horse on the  ground and under saddle?
Find out what Bill Dorrance showed Leslie to do to get around this impasse.

 If you want to find out how Leslie’s students are shifting  the focus from endless corrections and micro-managing each step and maneuver to the experience of moving freely forward as a strong team ... then come on!  

Auditors will enjoy and learn a lot as they see how a trainer, two lifelong riders, and an adult just getting started with her first horse learn the basics of FEEL & RELEASE.

This approach usues the horse's language and instincts of curiosity and flight to bring about lasting changes in the horse-human  connection on the ground and under saddle!
Domination is not part of this fantastic way to educate and also re-school horses that were started in other ways.

Leslie will demonstrate the techniques she was shown by Bill Dorrance that repair the cracks in any foundation that is not holding up well.  It works so quickly because“Feel and Release” is the language your horse was born  to understand!

I'm Going for It! Registration for the course covers audit pass for the Friday night demo, and a 90-minute private session on Saturday and Sunday.


Horse & Rider Teams (limit 5)  $225  


 Friday night, Demo Horse Fee (limit 2)

Adult Day Pass $30

Adult Weekend Passes $75