September 13 - 15, 2019 / Kaptensstallet, Knutby, SWEDEN

 A Special Event in Knutby, Sweden 

For People and Horses who


 -- to get along in the best possible way  -- will love this course!

Special Fitness and Safety Focus to prepare

YOU and YOUR HORSE well for long-term success!



Your horse's soundness for performance

and your safety are priority #1

Hosted for Leslie Desmond 


Anna Norlin and Bror Erikssen



September 13 - 15, 2019


8:30   - 17:30


Horse & Rider Positions 


LOCATION: Knutby, Sweden


Tel:  Anna Norlin  +46 (0) 733 42 48 09

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Horse & Rider Positions OPEN  - Limit 4


Enjoy and Learn from Question and Answer Sessions


Horse owners who are not able to bring their horse are encouraged to attend

and learn how Leslie teaches the horses and riders to ...

"reach agreement on a plan".


What does Leslie demonstrate?


She will teach you how to prepare a horse TO SUCCEED from the start, so corrections are not necessary.  

She demonstrates the way to apply feel and release techniques that horses instinctively recognize and immediately understand.



Children 16 and under are welcome at no charge.




Spectator Fees


1-day  500 SEK


2-days  900 SEK


3-days  1,350 SEK


Rider Fees: 


1 Rider / 1 Horse for 3 days    5,850 EK


1 Rider / 2 horses for 3 days    11,000 SEK


Horse and Rider Feel, and Spectator Day Passes


SIGN UP for Rider Positions by July 15, 2019


 in SWEDEN use SWISH, with this phone number:




In the payment memo section, please

include your name contact info.


"True Horsemanship Through Feel" is the title of the classic training manual they co-authored and published in 1999.

Find this book and other learning tools in SWEDEN at www.kaptensstallet.com tack shop, or here on Leslie's home page (scroll half way down until you get to the DESMOND OUTFITTER SESCTION!).

Wondering why it is so hard to manage ground work with the rope you currently have? it may be too old, too think, too short, too stiff or hard to use for other reasons. 

Leslie offers Blue Bell ropes (available now in 3, 6 and 8 meter lengths) and her custom TIED RIGHT HALTERS that promote balance and re-alignment in your horse.

After a few days using this equipment, your horse and you will see, feel and appreciate the difference when doing routine chores and jobs around the ranch and stable, or focused groundwork exercices.


A safe ride is a well balanced ride! 

This begins with good feet, good diet, enough room to move, balanced ground work, equipment that fts and the feel of a clear intention, and a release for the horse in the direction of a well presented, and well understood request or assignment.




Leslie specializes in teaching her students how to ride well and maintain balance at speed on a variety of terrain. For those who are not at this point in their capacity or desire, she coaches on the flat, and through various maneuvers that are commonly performed in Eglish and Western disciplines --  these include "finding more forward" in the upward transitions and lateral work, "finding lighter and quicker" downward transitions with little or no pulling, and "well-balanced straightness in the horse & rider" over poles, cavaletti, and low fences. 

She helps the horse & rider team to improve and refine their skills in stopping and backing, stillness and patience, turns of many kinds, lead changes, trailer loading/unloading, hoof handling, saddling, bridling, tying, and other aspects of horse handling, riding, and management that are sometimes confusing. 

"However that horse is, is how that fella has to be."  Bill Dorrance -- January 1996.

She helps her students to better understand and refine their "pressure and release" and "feel and release" skills the way she learned from Bill Dorrance. She assists other trainers, vets, horse shoers and hoofcare specialitst, and equinebody workers knoww to know when to use a specific technique for best results, in different situations and with different types of horses.

Leslie shares with all attendees (riders and spectators) her ways of "reading" (understanding) different horses and their behavior in many difference circumstances. At the end of the course you will have a better appreciation of regular and balanced hoof care standards, and have a start on understanding how to establish / maintain correct bio-mechanics that lead to, and support, soundness without drugs.

Taken together, the goals of this course will be achieved through the combination of demonstration, 4.5 hours per-person of hands-on practice in private coaching sessions. 




Riders and spectators will all benefit from the in-depth discussions that arise from Question and Answer

sessions held at the breaks between Sessions 1-2 in the morning, and sessions 3-4 in the afternoon.


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