May 22 - 23, 2017 / California - Private (Full)



Pre-Purchase consultations for new owners 

Pre-Purchase horse-human-partner suitability consultations 

Private coaching in dressage / bringing young horses to a higher level without force

Private hunter/jumper preparation and equitation, with finesse, feel, and release

Private western riding instruction for competition or recreation, using feel and release

Are you trying to find the right horse? Or, tack that fits both of you?

Have you wondered how to ride effectively without using a whip and spurs?

Would regular video review help you get your horse and you past a temporary impasse? 

Do you need a referral for overall equine health management in your area?

Does your horse have unusual needs? Doe he appear lethargic? Unhappy?  Grumpy?

Do you have the qualifications to select the best care and professional assistance for your horse's specific dietary, medical needs and/or behavioral and training needs?

Perhaps Leslie can help!  

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