Feb 28 - March 12, 2016 / Wild Horse Starting School at Douglas Ranch / Paicines, CA


DOUGLAS RANCH – Wild Horse Starting School

What is the program about?

This program is designed to initiate horse enthusiasts in the gentling and starting of wild horses off the BLM management areas of the West. Horses will be fresh and never worked with before.  The course is two weeks for the Level One Session.  The expectation is that by the end of the first two weeks, the horse will have been taught to be caught, haltered, led, tied, groomed, feet picked up, washed, hobble broke, trailer loaded, round pen work and “hooked on”, blanketed, saddled, wormed, grained and some horses will be ready for first rides. There also will be an obstacle course to work the horses in-hand. 

This is an intensive course that will take many hours of patience and care to achieve these results. Class size is limited to 5 Students.  Students will be given daily personal and group instruction and demonstrations.  The remaining hours of the day will be devoted to the students and horses having one on one time, and with the horses bonding and becoming confident with their student handlers.

Students will have 15 nights and 14 days all inclusive, checking in on a Saturday and checking out on a Sunday with two full weeks of instruction and working.

What is provided?

Each student will be issued a wild BLM Mustang to work with for the two weeks.

A stall and feed for the horse.

Approximately 6 hours of instruction per day.

Unlimited personal time with your issued horse.

Use of all arenas.

All training equipment.

A private sleeping cabin.

A community Dining Hall with hot showers and bathrooms.

All linens, blankets, towels.

Three ranch meals per day in the Dining Hall.

Evening gatherings, campfires and movie nights.

Use of the swimming pool in warm weather.

A complimentary one day pass to the local Hot Spring Resort.

The opportunity to adopt one of the horses in the program for $125 based on approval by BLM.


 Students will be given a Certificate of Completion of the Wild Horse Starting School. 

Upon graduation of Level One, students may choose to attend Level Two and learn how to continue the horse’s training to the riding stage. 

What is the Cost: 

The all-inclusive package for 15 nights and 14 days is $7500.  Students will be paying a $2,500 non-refundable deposit to reserve their spot in the class. Payment in full is to be paid 30 days before the class begins. Due to a horse being selected and brought to the ranch for each student, a 30 day notice and confirmation by the Douglas Ranch of cancellation is required to refund the balance due ($5000).  Due to the upfront costs per person incurred for this program, no refund will be given for late cancellation. 

What to Bring:

Ranch weather is unpredictable, and Students should bring comfortable layers of clothing for possible hot or cold weather[D1] , and personal products are each person’s responsibility.  Sturdy leather boots, wide brimmed hats and sunglasses are recommended.  Helmets are recommended but not required.  Leather gloves are essential.

Tentative Schedule:

October 17, 2015 through October 31, 2015

February 27, 2016 through March 12, 2016


For more information:

Please contact Don or Rani Douglas at:

Douglas Ranch

34220 Panoche Rd., Paicines, Ca. 95043

www.douglasranch.com   831-628-3800