April 26, 2013 / Trimming and Trailering / MADERA, CA

Friday, April 26th is a big day in Madera for horse lovers!
What are the basics of Trailer Loading and Hoof Trimming?
 This is an introduction to both, and a full day it will be!
Please bring a notebook, pens/pencils, tape recorder if you wish, small camera, and a clip board.
CLASS STARTS >>   9:00 AM sharp!
Please! So we can begin the hoof class on time, please arrive no later than 8:30 AM.
Samantha Salomon
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16363 Anaconda Rd.  Madera, CA 93636
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On April 26th, Leslie offers a one day practicum for horse owners, handlers, trainers and HORSE LOVERS!!
Anyone who volunteers for EGALA, PATH equine facilitated therapy programs or horse rescue centers stand to learn loads of new tips for safe and effective communication with horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Leslie has a gift for coaching people with a broad range of skill and horse experience levels. Seasoned hands, veterinarians, farriers, breeders, trainers and beginning riders in the same audience have all reported a similar experience....learning something new, having a good time, and leaving with an eagerness to learn more about the "mysteries" of feel & release -- the horse's own language!  
The morning of Friday, April 26, will be devoted to discussion, study and demonstrations of routine and remedial hoof-care; the afternoon forum will be focused on the ten steps that Leslie uses to improve and change the mental outlook that two horses -- "Joey" and "Shrek" --  currently have about getting into and out of trailers, and going for a trip!  (1. Yes, I agree, trailers are terrible and they scare me, too! Let's scram outta here! 2.) Could we have a look at this particular trailer, on this articular day, from another vantage point? 3.)  Can you walk up to it with me, and leave when I do? 4.) Can we take a second look inside? 5.) Can you lift one foot up, and step right here? 6.) Can you take that same foot down? 7.) Can you do the same thing with your other front foot? 8.) Can you walk your hips towards your shoudlers, one step and a time? 9.) Can you follow me in? 10.) Can you follow me out?
If you can follow this in your mind as you read it, you will understand that the horse can also. If not, maybe it's something you want to see! Leslie has not encountered a horse that she could not load using this approach. Sometimes it takes longer than others but, essentially, this is the approach that she uses with "feel" and "release" and it, she promises, has a 100% success rate. Come and see for yourself!
She does not use a stick, whip, flag, treats or a second person to get the job done. Timing, feel patience and empathy are all you need. "If I can do it, you can do it," Leslie says.
If you cannot attend, or can attend but want to prepare as much as possible before this one-day class on Hoof Care and Trailering you are welcome to download Leslie's articles from her website at no charge.
Or, take her lessons home in the book, audio book and DVD format and study until the time you can join her clinics as auditor or participant! You are most welcome!
Online, you can order the classic training manual that she co-authored with Bill Dorrance, "True Horsemanship Through Feel", her 3-volume DVD series, "American Horsemanship for Young & Old", and her 10-CD audio book, "Horse Handling and Riding Through Feel" as a set and save $50!
All learning tools from Leslie Desmond and Diamond Lu Productions, LLC are available right here!   www.lesliedesmond.com .
PLEASE REMEMBER -- this is a rural venue!
Bring  your own beverages, food, sunscreen and a comfortable chair!  No dogs please. (Plenty of them are living there already!)
9:00 -12:30  Trimming! The What Why's and How of Equine Home-Hoof-Care !  
Leslie will demonstrate safe hoof-handling and trimming techniques, show participants how to determine the best hoof angle for the horse's particular condition; way of going and current / future use; assess the horse's locomotion before and after trimming; and, explain her ten guidelines to shape almost hoof correctly for its current condition.
Horses used for this demo will have physical conditions that range from serious medial-lateral imbalance issues, chronic thrush and slight-medium lameness, to healthy, good-looking unshod feet that have been let go too long
between trims.
Casey's left front.  She is horse whose hooves we will examine, discuss and address.
One horse who will get our focus has a high self-preservation level and very well-developed flight responses. This little fellow, 12 years of age, has evaded most attempts to handle and care for his feet. Although he has improved greatly, he is far from "OK" about having the feet handled by anyone he does not know.
Leslie will demonstrate the fastest, sure, safest way to educate a horse to release his foot to your hand for trimming. No struggling, no hassles and no hurry! What about the "fast" claim, then? ("The fastest way to train a horse is slowly," according to Tom Dorrance, and Desmond agrees.
 Come and learn what you can practice at home to gain confidence for the day you may need to handle the feet on a horse like this!  You may not need these skills with the horses you know now, but you might need them for one you meet next week!
Resources for first-time horse owners, serious grooms and beginning equine hoof-trimmers include handouts, recommended reading, DVDs, equipment suppliers, templates for effective measurements and long-term record-keeping on your own or client horses.
Lunch 12:30 - 2:00
2:00 - 5:30  Trailer loading.  Two horses will be used for the afternoon class.  (Horses are already booked.)
A Thoroughbred gelding (6), and Mustang gelding (12).

Friday Auditor Walk-in fee: $55 

Auditor Pre-pay - $40.00 / April 26, 2013

I look forward to seeing you in Madera, CA!
Leslie Desmond  /  602 228 7612
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