June 3 - 4, 2015 / Korumdalen, Rakkestad, NORWAY

 Anja and Dan Guerrera

to Host

International Clinician Leslie Desmond



Training and better connections are made simple with feel & release.

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This is the right place to register for accommodations for the 3rd apprenticeship session.
 You will learn a lot more about handling and riding horses using the approach that Bill Dorrance practiced and recommended in his classic training manual, "True Horsemanship Through Feel".

Leslie Desmond, co-author of the book, and producer of the 10-CD audio book, "Horse Handling and Riding Through Feel" will coach each horse and rider team for three weeks.

The horse handling and riding skills that will be taught during this session are listed below.

The basics in terms of feel & release. Stopping and starting, standing, backing, turning and collecting the horse.

Understanding how to separate the clear presentation of often confusing requests for: changes in posture (self-carriage and body alignment, and/or position) from the requests for changes in speed and  direction. Because all of these specific and separate requests are made through the rider's body and his/her equipment of choice, what is most important to the horse is often overlooked.

A rider's line of sight, breath work, balance and conscious intent are the main things that make the difference between a poor-to-mediocre experience and one that is as refined, elegant and pleasing to the horse as it is to the rider and onlookers.



Outfitting saddles with safety stirrups has been a strong recommendation for my students since the 1990s. This year, a breakaway stirrup is required on all saddles and helmets must be worn. There are many varieties and brands to choose from online. English versions are to be found at any well stocked tack shop. My preference for western saddles is a stirrup manufactured by the McCoy family's STI from Laurel, Montana. Their website can be found here, or researched later on for the custom size and style you need at www.breakawaystirrups.com.


Not an online shopper? No worries! Contact them directly by calling 888-308-0848 and request a brochure!  When you get in a bind, you and the people who care about you will be thrilled that you did!



I look forward to seeing you in Rakkestad!
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