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Leslie's Latest NEWS

August 16 - 19, 2018 at Kalvefalls, Österbymo, SWEDEN

Leslie Desmond & Antonio Hidalgo

August 16 - 19, 2018

Hosted by

Kalvfalls Ranch / Österbymo, SWEDEN




Olle Forsell and Åsa Strandberg through Facebook (right here!) ;

Tel 0140-911 33, or via email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







1.100 SEK  includes bed and all meals, Plus your horse. 

Just horse? (100 SEK per day)


CAMPERS WELCOME, Inquire about fee & details.



Bring your own horse, or rent a horse from Kalvefalls so you have the chance to participate in this VERY Special Event.

What makes it so special?

When you come to watch and learn, 

to train and ride,

to learn how to jump,

to improve your connection with your horse,

or to improve your flat work (stops, turns, lead changes, backing, lateral work, collection),

to get help fixing a problem (fear of trailers, water, being tied up), 

and improve a relationship with your horse (handling the feet, accepting the bit). . . you return


How does this happen in just a couple of days?


  It happens when you learn how to read your horse, and how to clearly teach

him to what you expect him to do, without resistance.



When your horse's hooves, teeth and topline are in the correct condition* 

he can behave in a way that reflects your better balance and timing.

Well educated hands do not create resistance in a horse. 


*During the evening sessions, you will learn some basic skills that will help you evaluate the evidence

your horse provides (through his movements, breathing, eyes, ears, appetite, urine and manure frequency and quality) about the condition of his

hooves, teeth, topline, mind and overall suitability for the jobs you want him to do, and the experiencesyou want to share with him.

FUN, FUN, and MORE FUN  is the best way to describe the experience of

learning more about how to read your horse accurately. 

Learn to avoid the little things you might be doing

that cause your horse to make the mistakes

and behavior you don't want.

Your tool box will expand immediately as you progress, 

and while your horse handling and riding goals

come into sharper focus more quickly than you ever imagined

possible. It will feel and and actually BE true, that your

horse and you have changed for the better.



People who like to TEACH A HORSE NEW SKILLS

will love this course!

Horses that enjoy TRAIL RIDES,


and JUMPING will also have a LOT of fun at  this course!




What will you learn?

Special Fitness and Safety Focus to prepare


well for long-term success as partners for any job.

Including recreational riding, excursions, and competition?


Yes,  Ja, , Oui, Aw, Uh-Huh, Igen, Joo, Tha, Tá,


Your horse's soundness for performance

and your safety are priority #1

The fee-scale  for this clinic is structured to fit most budgets.

It accommodate horses and riders with different  challenges and goals,

and offers the spectators a variety of learning options.

Schedule will be available and your riding tiumes will be emailed

to you on or before July 25.


Pre-registration closes July 15th.


OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS: For 1.000 SEK per day, ridersand spectators have all

meals included, and  sleepin clean, cozy and well constructed private, or shared, cabins.

Enjoy great food and share all meals with the riders and Leslie and Antonio in the dining hall.

There will be evening lecture and in-depth discussion on hoof care,

equine nutrition and learning to read a horse's bio-mechanics and body language after the meal.

Stabling for your horse is 100 SEK a night.

This fee and charges for meals and overnight accommodations can be paid directly to Olle Forsell.  

Book accommodation for yourself (1.000 includes bed and all meals!) and horse (100 SEK per day) by contacting Åsa Strandberg through Facebook at the highlighted link (right here!) or at tel 0140-911 33, or via email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attendees at this upcoming short course will learn the "feel & release" approach horse handling and riding as taught to her by her late mentor, Bill Dorrance (1906 - 1999) from Salinas, California.

Leslie specializes in teaching students how to ride well and maintain balance at speed and on a variety of terrain. She helps her students to better understand and refine their "pressure and release" and "feel and release" skills, and to know when to use which technique for the best results in different situations and with different horses.

Antonio and Leslie will coach all attendees in the art of correctly "reading" (understanding) a horse in many difference circumstances. She will share her skills and approach to raising hoof care standards, and establishing / maintaining correct bio-mechanics for a strong topline. Soundness without drugs or riding at the expense of the horse's well being is the standard for Leslie & Antonio's events.

Taken together, the goals of this course will be achieved through the combination of demonstration, private coaching on Thursday and Saturday, and two-sessions of group instruction on the Friday and Sunday.  A daily schedule will be made available to all participants on July 25th.

Riders and spectators will all benefit from the in-depth discussions that arise from the frequent Q & A sessions (Question and Answer sessions) throughout the day. 

Spectators from the public are welcome to pre-register online, or pay cash at the door.


If you wish to partake in a delicious and healthy

LUNCH (1:30 - 3:30 PM)

as well as beverages contact Asa and Olle at the numbers provided here.

Two 1-hour pvt lessons 1,200 SEK

Full single day 2,450 SEK - includes 1 hr. private lesson, 2-hour group lesson (4).

Deposit for FULL (4-days) Rider position. Thursday, 1 July 2018  4,500 SEK


Balance Due for Pre-Registered (4-Days) Rider    Sunday, 15 July 2018   5,000 SEK

Spectator Day Passes 

1-day  100 SEK  for children 13 - 16 years old

1-day  450 SEK

2-days  800 SEK


3-days  1,200 SEK


4-days  1,500 SEK

For updates and event notices, please visit Leslie on Facebook and like the events and news pages!

Write to Leslie Desmond here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  / +1 6022287612

Write to Antonio Hidalgo here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /  + 34 629747527


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A N T O N I O    H I D A L G O


TEL: +34 629 747 527   /    EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Safer Western Riding is now possible, thanks to fast-release Western Stirrups




1 - 8 8 8 - 3 0 8 - 0 8 4 8


Finally!  Someone has made an attractive looking, practical and professional safety stirrup that guarantees you won't get dragged by your horse if you fall off and your foot is stuck in the stirrup.

I encourage you to call or write to the men who invented and manufacture these life-saving stirrups. Mike and Jake McCoy at the BREAKAWAY STIRRUP COMPANY  in Laurel, Montana . 

This forward-looking safety-minded people designed an ingenious mechanism that does not allow your foot to get hung up when you are roping, cutting, jumping, penning, pleasure riding or starting colts!  


 Riders . . .  check out the McCoys and their safety stirrups for men, women and children. For sport, recreation and show. Many styles and all sizes!


My goal os to help you learn how to ride well and havee a lot of fun doing it. Riding is indeed a risjy business, and falls are sometimes inevitable. You MUST protect yourself from an accidental dragging and posisble death or permanent injuriy that can result from it. 
The McCoys have extended the generous offer of a three-month payment plan to all my students.  This is incredible opportunity makes it possible for many people who, otherwise, would not have the chance to purchase them.
Enjoy rhe peace of mind that comes from knowing that if you get in a bad wreck your foot will come free from the stirrup and the horse. 


Driving to town? Most people fasten on a seat belt.

Playing a little ice hockey? Football? Fencing? Face guards and helmets are donned and the game is on!

  More bull and bronc riders than ever before now wear protective chest plates and a helmet.

Why? Their children and wives want to go out for a meal together after the show...and onward into their lives - - - healthy, happy and in one piece!



Leslie Desmond, friends of Leslie Desmond and their students who have all fallen clear of a horse thanks to breakaway stirrups from STI.





Dr. Robert Miller, DVM, praises Desmond's results with horses using Feel & Release

  From horse expert, Dr. Robert Miller, DVM:

"Dear Leslie,

      Your recent clinic overwhelmed me. Your ability to communicate your desires to the horses with no obvious signals, is extraordinary. You were able to get the horse's head to drop, look where you wanted it to, and to obtain movements in various directions in response to the vaguest of stimuli . . . .

      "You are doing a great job.  I call you the ’clinician’s clinician' "  . . . Regards, Bob