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Leslie's Latest NEWS

2018 Summer Training & Coaching Schedule

C O M I N G  U P   S O O N !!

Three more great opportunities to learn how the feel and release approach to horse handling and

riding can change your life and help your horse to become not only

SAFER to ride and to be around, but CALMER and HAPPIER!

In September Leslie can meet you in Connecticut, Colorado and Canada . . . 

Call for a spot with your horse, or come and watch this amazingly simple and effective approach that is changing lives for the better and getting  the wrinkles out of the team workwith your horse.

Some rider and demo positions are still left. Auditors are welcome. 

August 23 - 26 / Carina Wiberg / Charlottenberg, SWEDEN

September 8 / Sun Gold Stables, Bethany, Connecticut

September 14 - 16  / Circle C Ranch, Ft. Lupton, Colorado

September 21 - 23  / Esch Ranch, Nunn, Colorado

September 28 - 30 / Woodwind Farm, Ontario, CANADA



Etter Events Center and Getrud Muralt will host

Leslie Desmond and Antonio Hidalgo 

October 26 - 28


Etter Events Center


Reiterweg 1, 3225 Müntschemier, Switzerland.
46˚ 59' 56.2596" N 7˚ 8' 5.3238" W


Accurate hoof placement leads to body alignment, improved

neck and shoulder carriage, and overall flexibility

 under a saddle that fits! 


How do you increase the chances of helping your horse

to achieve accurate hoof placement?  


With Good equipment and good timing!





Challenge, change and improve your horse experience with a


in combination with the uniquely effective feel of Leslie's


B L U E    B E L L 

L E A D S   &   L U N G E   L I N E S


(Prices include U.S. Domestic PACK-SHIP-TRACK services!)


SM - Small ($37) 


AV -Quarter Horse ($48)


L-Warmblood Halter ($53)  


XL-Draft Halter ($58) 



  B L U E    B E L L 

L E A D S   &   L U N G E   L I N E S

(Prices include U.S. Domestic PACK-SHIP-TRACK services!) 


12 ft. lead rope /  $39 


15 ft. lead rope /  $48 


18 ft. lead rope  /  $57 


20 ft. lead rope /  $63 


25 ft. lead rope / $78 



If you don't see the size you need, Desmond Outfitter will cut and ship you a custom length of rope to fit your needs. Custom Lengths: $5 per ft.

For details about the equipment, and setting up a wholesale account with Desmond Outfitter,  please contact Todd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

L E S L I E ' S  

L E A R N I N G     L I B R A R Y 

If you like to read . . . 

 "True Horsemanship Through Feel"

by Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond


This classic training manual is used as a colt-starting and horse training guide by many accomplished trainers, amateur owners and professional riders.

$84.00 (Price include U.S. Domestic PACK-SHIP-TRACK services!)

This book is now out of print, and supplies are limited.



"Horse and Handling and Riding Through Feel" the 10-CD audio book by Leslie Desmond might bring you the new learning experience you are waiting for!

Join the growing number of serious students of horsemanship who are

Listening and Learning how to


Feel & Release Techniques Developed

by Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond


 LISTEN to Leslie's original 10-CD audio book and bring your "Feel and Release" skills up a few notches! Advance your techniques and refine your feel as you listen. Yes, this is possible, as her students attest!


 "Horse Handling and Riding Through Feel"contains 102 fact-brimming tracks and beautifully illustrated booklets that come with each of the 10 CDs.  

$104 (Price include U.S. Domestic PACK-SHIP-TRACK services)

Take advantage of 

Desmond Outfitter's Special for Spring 2017!


These learning tools were developed

by Leslie Desmond and Bill Dorrance

for dedicated students of the horse.

 SAVE $49.00 


 "True Horsemanship Through Feel", (Dorrance-Desmond)


Leslie's 10-CD Exclusive Audio Book

"Horse Handling and Riding Through Feel"

$139.00 (Price include U.S. Domestic PACK-SHIP-TRACK services!)

Read more about these time-tested learning tools from Leslie Desmond and Diamond Lu Productions, LLC. at shop.lesliedesmond.com

The audio books can be downloaded, and there is also a 3-volume DVD set, "American Horsemanship for Young and Old" to help you understand and train your horse!

Retailers, please contact Laura at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for bulk orders and case rates.


Safer Western Riding is now possible, thanks to fast-release Western Stirrups




1 - 8 8 8 - 3 0 8 - 0 8 4 8


Finally!  Someone has made an attractive looking, practical and professional safety stirrup that guarantees you won't get dragged by your horse if you fall off and your foot is stuck in the stirrup.

I encourage you to call or write to the men who invented and manufacture these life-saving stirrups. Mike and Jake McCoy at the BREAKAWAY STIRRUP COMPANY  in Laurel, Montana . 

This forward-looking safety-minded people designed an ingenious mechanism that does not allow your foot to get hung up when you are roping, cutting, jumping, penning, pleasure riding or starting colts!  


 Riders . . .  check out the McCoys and their safety stirrups for men, women and children. For sport, recreation and show. Many styles and all sizes!


My goal os to help you learn how to ride well and havee a lot of fun doing it. Riding is indeed a risjy business, and falls are sometimes inevitable. You MUST protect yourself from an accidental dragging and posisble death or permanent injuriy that can result from it. 
The McCoys have extended the generous offer of a three-month payment plan to all my students.  This is incredible opportunity makes it possible for many people who, otherwise, would not have the chance to purchase them.
Enjoy rhe peace of mind that comes from knowing that if you get in a bad wreck your foot will come free from the stirrup and the horse. 


Driving to town? Most people fasten on a seat belt.

Playing a little ice hockey? Football? Fencing? Face guards and helmets are donned and the game is on!

  More bull and bronc riders than ever before now wear protective chest plates and a helmet.

Why? Their children and wives want to go out for a meal together after the show...and onward into their lives - - - healthy, happy and in one piece!



Leslie Desmond, friends of Leslie Desmond and their students who have all fallen clear of a horse thanks to breakaway stirrups from STI.





Dr. Robert Miller, DVM, praises Desmond's results with horses using Feel & Release

  From horse expert, Dr. Robert Miller, DVM:

"Dear Leslie,

      Your recent clinic overwhelmed me. Your ability to communicate your desires to the horses with no obvious signals, is extraordinary. You were able to get the horse's head to drop, look where you wanted it to, and to obtain movements in various directions in response to the vaguest of stimuli . . . .

      "You are doing a great job.  I call you the ’clinician’s clinician' "  . . . Regards, Bob